Thanks for stopping by. I’m Dorian the Handyman, and I provide home improvement and repair services. When you hire me, you can expect courteous service, reasonable rates and free estimates on every project. References are happily provided by request.

Home Improvement & Repair Services

installationUpgrading your home’s interior? I install wood and laminate flooring, baseboards and molding, doors, window treatments, shelving, ceiling fans and lighting to make your home shine. 10x10-clear2 carpentryHave a door that doesn’t close properly? A toilet making weird noises? Has the kitchen disposal stopped working? For all those little things that happen around the house, give me a call. 10x10-clear2 energyTo make your home more comfortable, I build and install window screens, add attic insulation, seal drafty cracks around baseboards, windows and more.

Outdoor & Yard Maintenance

spaYour hot tub needs regular upkeep to run trouble-free. I provide pH testing and balancing, interior and exterior tub cleaning — including proper draining and re-filling — plus filter cleaning and replacement. 10x10-clear2 stainOur weather is rough on home siding, wood decks and fences. To last for years, they need regular cleaning and re-coating of paints and stains that act as a protective barrier from the scorching sun. 10x10-clear2 planting I can help work in beneficial soil amendments so your garden can be its best. Got new trees to plant? Give me a call.

Ready to get started?

Call me at 512.619.2053 or email me for a free project estimate.

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